Friday, November 18, 2005

Not again

Well it happened again. I had a bunch of things (some funny, some ironic) to talk about here but now that I'm sitting in front of this cool monitor (at work, a big wide Dell flat panel) I can't remember them.

However this time I realized that almost all of them were spawned when I was in the shower (no, not spawned like *that*!) as I listend to Morning Edition on NPR. So if I go to their site and see what the topics are that should spur my memory.

We'll see how it works.

Okay here goes. This is a mishmash of thoughts.

Great, the House has passed a bill cutting programs for the poor while keeping the capital gains tax intact. Rich people stay (and get) rich(er) while poor people struggle even more. But it is awfully clever. If Dems try to slash the capital gains tax then the Scum can claim that they're "raising taxes" since that's the effect. This will raise all kinds of alarms in the minds of the middle class who can squeek by but would have problems if taxes go up. Never mind that they don't have any (or many) investments so they wouldn't be losing much of the ROI, the Scum won't tell them that!

In 1964 there was a tsunami in California. It destroyed most of a town called Crescent City, which is way out there in the water on the coast. They had an alert back in June and one of the radio jocks was putting out public announcements so people could evacuate. After it proved to be a false alarm a bunch of people called in and some were headed down to the beach to watch it. With their kids. Got a new entry for my dictionary now.

It just can't be. There had to be corruption, graft and fraud in Washington while the Dems were in power. There just had to be. It can't be that now that the neocons are running things these folks came out of the woodwork. Or are just getting caught now.

Lawmakers Probe Group's Ties to Abramoff

How many states is this guy being brought up on charges in? Florida, Texas maybe?, the Senate is investigating him for two different things, Federal procurement stuff.

Oh and to finish things off we've seen how the administration is counter attacking it's war critics, calling them various names (but asiduously avoiding calling them "unpatriotic"). I haven't seen a single case where the president, vice president, national security advisor or press secretary has directly refuted the claim that they twisted the intelligence to suit their own purposes and garner support.

All they've done is sound like a six year old claiming that his brother did it too!


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