Monday, December 19, 2005


Such a blaise way to answer your phone. Back in my Army days we were told we had to say the following things in our phone greeting;

1. Unit ("317th Engineer Battalion")
2. Section ("S-2")
3. Name and Rank ("Captain Heivilin")
4. Warn that this phone line wasn't secure ("this line is unsecure")

Now I've been told by the fastest talking people in the world, air traffic controllers, that I talk to fast. I never timed myself spitting out this whole mouthful of information but I always worked on getting it out as quick as I could so as not to be understood.

Lately I just answer my desk phone with our group ("CSG") and my name ("This is Jim").

But I think now I'm going to have to add a new warning.

"This conversation may be illegally monitored by the NSA."

Just so people know. Not to imply that anything anyone says to me is going to be subversive or terror related, but let's just be safe, eh?


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