Monday, December 19, 2005

The human condition

Which is more indicative or ironic a statement of the human condition than this?

There are some people who are so paranoid or hypochondriac that they're stockpiling an hypothetical experimental vaccine for a non-existant (human) disease. To compound this there are other people who are making up fake vaccines to sell to these people.

In one situation we see both extremes, I think, of people. Some so incredibly fearful that they grasp at any straw offered.

Bird flu hasn't mutated to infect humans yet (at least to be spread from human to human) - this is the non-existant disease. Tamaflu(sp?) is the experimental vaccine which drug manufacturers are *thinking* might work against it if it does mutate, however they have no proof one way or the other since it hasn't changed yet, it could well be that standing on one leg flapping your arms works better.

And lately there are people on the other extreeme, so jaded that they want to make a buck of anything, who have created fake vaccines of Tamaflu to sell to these paranoid hypochondriacs.



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