Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Well I'm not much into looking back over the year. There's going to be enough of that on the media for the larger events of our lives. I suppose it might be a good thing for me to do it with my life just avoid making the same mistakes (I'm big on not making the same mistake twice). But it just seems to exhausting right now. I've been fighting off something for the last few days. Maybe later this week. It has been interesting from some other perspectives.

I got an email on Friday (well two actually) from PlayNC (the network that runs City of Heroes) telling me that the character I made to run around with Erik and Mary (a Mutation Defender) had a bad name. I guess not being a comic book fiend is coming around to bite me. He was called "Doctor Doom" (which admittedly seems like more of a Villain name than a Hero name but I had some reasoning behind it - I just can't remember it right now) but now he's "GenericHero2600". I think I'm going keep that just because. Erik tells me that "2600" is a famous hacker 'zine.

The motor on the garage door opener has died I think. The light still comes on but it only makes a click and a hum and then doesn't open the door. So not only are we back to the days of manually opening the garage door (like at the South Hampton place) but since it won't lock when it's down I have to manually fidget it so it's secure. I need to call the "Overhead Door Company" (they conviently left a sticker next to the light inside the garage) to get it fixed but I suspect that I left the phone number at home.

There was something else around the house that's broken but I can't remember what right now. I guess that means I won't get it fixed until my memory jogs.


Anonymous Aaron said...

OH, come on Jim you don't have to have anywhere close to a fiend level of comic book knowledge to know the name "Doctor Doom." He's rather famous.

Blogger banzai said...

And yet I still didn't know it.

Suffice it to say the only actual comic books I've read (besides Nodwick, PS238 and Dork Tower, which are *totally* different, really) was one of the Batman compilations that came out shortly after the first movie.


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