Friday, January 13, 2006


Okay I won't bail on it since this time the codes stuck. Now to see what else I can tweak.

There was something in the news the other day I was going to blog on but I can't remember. I've been watching the Alito hearings and the main day of questioning he apparently stood up well but his wife left in tears. I'm not sure how to feel about this, I wanted him to be grilled so we could tell if he planned on rolling back all the advances in civil liberties of the last 50 years, but to ask something so mean his wife cries ...?

Of course if she so tender that she gets her feelings hurt and cries ... I mean he's been in government service for what, 25 years now?

NPR did have an interesting piece on the day the hearings started, the dug up people who were born the same year as him and asked them if there were any opinions that they held 20 years ago (when they were 35) that have changed now (that they're 55). Most all of them, even the ones who were staunchly conservative, have changed their opinions over time. Interesting. The question about his positions on the powers of the President on the other hand, worry me.


Anonymous ryan said...

Alito's wife started crying after South Carolina Republican Lindsey Graham started being *nice* to Sammy. It was pretty pathetic...

Blogger banzai said...

From what I understand that's why Colin Powell didn't run for any office. His wife had a history of *difficulties* and he didn't want to put her through the wringer after having been an Army wife forever.

But still, why did she go them? Did she not know they were going to try to rip her husband a new one?


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