Friday, January 13, 2006

Still freaky

Well let's see if I can figure out why the html codes I was inserting (which is no problem if I go to blogspot to create the message) disappear. Guess I'd better put some in. [nope, the leads of the angle brackets got eaten again]

Anyway we had some actual January weather yesterday and a couple days before that. In between we had the freakish global warming weather again. It was 65 on Wednesday and then it snowed last night and this morning. It's supposed to be the mid 50s again tomorrow.

We have our first brunch of 2006 tomorrow and then after we finish the Everway game we started two weeks ago. Wednesday we didn't have everyone so we didn't play the Firefly or Star Trek game. Instead we played LotR Risk. It was pretty fun but apparently this was an early version of this game and the board doesn't show all of Middle Earth, just the middle part. But it was a ton of fun. And Jack has a Matrix type game ready for the next one-off we need.

I got an idea for our ASGR Challenge (which Jeff issued last year, each of us is supposed to write an original setting). Mine is based on the theoretical physics work of Burkhard Heim which links Quantum Physics with Relativistic Physics. That sounds a bit high brow but that's only the idea kernel, the setting will be much more useable to the laymen (like there's really any way I can understand what a man who his own type of calculus wrote).

I bought Civ IV last weekend and actually got to play it finally. It seems quite a bit different from Civ III, aside from having to learn the interface, but it should be just as fun.

Well we'll see if the change I made to the Performancing settings makes the html code work now. Publishing ...


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