Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Hot Topics

There was a bunch of political stuff I wanted to blog about and generally I do that on my myspace blog since it's sometimes less than entertaining. But the debate about political reform is becoming interesting.

Rep Shadagg from Arizona has thrown his hat into the leadership ring with a cry that public pensions should be removed from people who confess or are found guilty on bribery charges. I agree but also tend more toward the tar-and-feathers crowd for people abusing the public trust. And penalties for companies that do it as well. Right now the penalty is only for the politician, so the companies feel free to try. Maybe strip citizenship from those who are found guilty? "If you don't want to play by our rules you can leave!" (your natural-born rights as a citizen don't include that mister senator)

And Rep Blunt? You're freaking wife is a Big Tobacco lobbyist for pete's sake. (I capitalize that phrase but generally I hate the Truth.com ads on TV) And trying to insert language into legislation to favor them? Even if it wasn't you who did it that's ... well I don't know why I'm outraged, this is Missouri after all, one of several states that is Land of the Good Ole' Boy. Ethics-smethics! Now I understand why the governor wasn't in office five minutes before charges of improprieties surfaced, he learned that at home!

Politics. If it weren't so serious it would be more entertaining than TV.


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