Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The "game"

I just read Tycho's bit about the superbowl. Their comic for today is pretty funny. I was rooting for the Seahawks merely because they'd never been before and the Steelers had four other times. ("one for the thumb" my shiney white a$$) We went to Dourty's party and he had lots of people I didn't know but lots and lots of food and a really nice house. I guess I really should invest in some actual furniture and do some "decorating".

But the commercials were what we were really there for. Bud Light had the funniest set of them even if their "beer" is mostly walrus piss.


Blogger Desert Rose said...

Have you actually taste tested Walrus piss?

Blogger banzai said...

Not on purpose but then you never can tell what they used in some of those Army dining facilities, or [shudder] the early MREs.

And once I got to Germany and tasted *real* beer all that American stuff (Miller Light?) tasted like what I would suppose Walrus Piss would taste like.

Blogger alaphrench said...

I love the commercial where the guy is all excited because it's "raining beer!" It cracks me up everytime.

Blogger banzai said...

I think I must have been at the snack table for that one. But it was a good snack table ... (I had brought my cheese bread)

Blogger alaphrench said...

mmmm cheese hehe


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