Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Cosmic Irony

Awhile ago Andy introduced us to his categories of irony. The most humorous was "Alanis Irony" wherein all the things she sings about in her song "Ironic" aren't really very ironic. The deepest one is "Cosmic Irony" wherein a medal winning olympic swimmer drowns in his own bathtub.

So, considering this, does anyone else find it Ironic that on the day Mister Alito is going to be confirmed to the Supreme Court (and thus strike a blow against civil liberties and freedoms in favor of corporate greed, executive power and domestic spying) that Coretta Scott King (the widow of Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr.) dies?


Blogger Julia said...

I wouldn't call it ironic, per se -- I would probably call it a sign of the coming Apocalypse.

Do you think Alito had something to do with her death? I've got my theories...

Blogger banzai said...

Only in an ironic, Mister Death ... er, excuse me, Justice Death sort of way. A sign of the coming Tyranny as it were.


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