Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Nice Try

Well maybe not, I didn't actually watch the Fuhrer's speech (and before anyone gets up in arms about my implying the president - he still only ranks as a small 'p' in my book - is a Nazi, I've used this for Presidents since I got out of college, Reagan, Bush Senior, Clinton and this bozo). I saw Alito there in his new black robes and then I saw Rumsfeld and I couldn't take more than that so I went to go play Civilization 4 where I could take over the world and Make It A Better Place! (the Indians under Jimbo and the Egyptians have a huge lead in technology if you're curious)

But the thing that struck me most this morning as I listen to NPR was that Cinday Sheehan was arrested for wearing a t-shirt with an anti-war slogan on it. 1984 is coming man!


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