Wednesday, February 08, 2006

My nuclear option

Okay, that's a deceptive title but I was advised to edit this and it seemed like a wise option so ...

On a more pleasant (or more entertaining) level I got an email with a key for the stress test of the Dungeons Dragons Online game. We had to register within a 2 hour window last night and I knew it would be a slow process but I had no idea it would be so lame and clunky as it turned out to be. Tons of little boxes which said "No data" popping up every time I tried to do anything. I had to enter my information no less than eight times and every time I clicked submit I got one of those and the screen reported "processing your request ..." while the browser reported the action was "done". I gave up on it for the first hour and watched "Navy NCIS" (I really like Mark Harmon's work and Lauren Holly is pdc - pretty damn cute). During "Scrubs" I came back to try again and managed to get registered but I could not find where to download the client anywhere.

This morning I recalled they had some sort of deal with so I went there and poked around but it took me quite awhile to finally locate the link. Then it took me four tries before I finally realized what links I had to click on to get into the public download queues, there were so many attempts to get me to subscribe to their service. Initially I had a 14 minute wait which started about 83 minutes ago. Now I'm down to number 56 in a queue of 220 with a (supposed) 9 minute wait. All of that before an undoubtedly large (hundreds of megabytes) download actually starts.

Talk about stress indeed!

I got my first WoW character up to level 60 last night (before the DDO fiasco started). My shaman "Malgrode" made it. Now what? Work on the others I guess. Or play more Civ 4 instead? Or finish Half Life 2? Or write my d20 setting for the Retreat? Well something to keep myself amused.


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