Friday, February 03, 2006

"Ah, the sweet smell of

garbage in the morning, it smells like ... Victory."

For some reason outside the Telecom building I smell that sickly sweet sour smell of garbage. Especially around restaurants after about five days (or the day before it's collected). I couldn't see anything which might have generated that smell but we are about a half a block from a pair of dorms (er, excuse me, residence halls).

I heard that Mister Blunt didn't win the House Majority Leader spot. Nice work Republicans. However it seems like you simply picked a slightly different flavor of DeLay this time, since Representative Boehner was passing out Tobacco Lobby checks on the floor of the House at one point (years ago now). And he was one of the primary architects of the "No Child Left Behind" effort to ensure that no single child can meet or exceed his or her potential. Although from what my sister-in-law told me a few years ago very few schools can (or even try to) actually meet the criteria to qualify for any of the funding. Nice, craft a loophole filled piece of legislation that *looks* like forward progress but actually is intended to prevent people from getting the money. We'll see how effective the new Scandal Secretary cabinet post is. After all, it's not like their suddenly going to change, so scandals will continue to come up yet, bank on it.

Now to see what they do with the Patriot Act and the illegal Wiretapping thing.


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