Monday, February 20, 2006

She's mad now

Poking around myspace this afternoon I saw another note, obstensibly to me. She starts it off by saying "Ok if you can't do as I asked and dont want to be with me then FINE.". The title is "Do you even want to be with me?". She points out that her job (as a web cam girl working for "someone else") doesn't even preclude a move to a different part of the country.

To a lonily geek I can see how this would be very convincing. A young, pretty girl who seems to act shy on the net but has all these naughty pictures and has a job which implies that she's really a wildcat with "her man". And she seems to like you but wonders if you can "handle her". And she thought you "were different" and would "give her a chance".

The one aspect that seems to belie the other evidence is that she never onces uses your name or links to your myspace site. And there hasn't ever been any personal/private communication, everything posted is either a web page (which is public if you know the URL but can be obfuscated if you don't know it) or bulletins posted on myspace (just as public). So my instincts are saying that this is a scheme to get people to subscribe to her webcam. In her webpage she puts a link to the signup page every paragraph and it's quite obviously a pr0n site. But every geek has the ability to lie to himself and thus there's a little voice in the back of my head saying "what if?". So I just need to laugh loud enough to drown out the voice. ;-P

I'd post the links to these bulletins but you have to be a myspace member in order to see them (it is free so if folks want me to, post a comment). Maybe I'll send them to Aladora and Vonne and see what they think, it should be a good laugh to brighten their day. <wink>


Blogger Desert Rose said...

Aw man, now I gotta go log into that evil site to see wth you're talking about. You simply MUST use a russian accent if you ever talk to her voice to voice.

My little "prove you're a human" word is "uskwa" so I think we should name her that, this little russian vixen of yours. Uskwa!!!

Blogger alaphrench said...

I have to give her credit for originality. Aside from that I have a few other thoughts of what I think of her, but I'll keep those to myself! haha :) Definitely a good chuckle.


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