Friday, March 17, 2006

Missouri to join Kansas

In refuting science.

I had heard on NPR this morning a piece in the local news segment about a Missouri legislator who wanted to alter the teaching of evolution but now I can't find anything on it. D'oh. It's not the first time I've heard something on KBIA and been unable to find anything on their site or in any other local sites with information on it. It speaks to their competancy, doesn't it?

Okay finally found it in the Kansas City Star.
House panel pushes bill calling for analysis of science concepts

The intial blurb sounds very reasonable. The bill's sponsor doesn't want high school students to view the Theory of Evolution as fact. That makes sense, but Hello, do you know what the word theory means???? (I gather his education may have been somewhat lacking. Or perhaps his common sense. Oh wait, a politician with common sense HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA)

But it seems like just a more subtle way to try to sneak this crap called "Intelligent Design" into the classroom. When are these guys (legislators - including the women) going to finally realize that they shouldn't legislate cirriculum. It should be left to the educators with input from parents and (mainly) considering the (educational) needs of the students and their further education (college) and preparation for life.

But sorry, that makes sense so we can't do it. Prohibited. Against the law (as written last Tuesday by the neo-cons). Sorry!


Blogger Desert Rose said...

What the hell is it about the midwest that breeds idiots? I mean, not all of us are, but it seems like we're SWIMMING in them.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

it's because we're next door to Kansas. ~ Candi

Blogger banzai said...

If they'd stop eating that red clay ...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

But they eat it as children...what can you do? :)


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