Tuesday, February 28, 2006

They were there when I checked last ...

The Commander in Chief Has Lost the Troops

My favorite phrase is from Brzezinski, "Flailing away with a stick at a hornets' nest while loudly proclaiming 'I will stay the course' is an exercise in catastrophic leadership." (which he wrote in a commentary in the LA Times).

I think Zeese is rather self-serving (since he's running for the Senate) and he seems pretty far to the left but he has some interesting things to say and if his facts are accurate about the troop's opinions it could be telling in the near future. If the professional officers, who are often behind the president no matter how much they personally disagree (for obvious career based reasons), are beginning to question him it's definately Not Good(tm)!

Now to read Brzezinski ...

"Stress interrogations", another carefully coined phrase intended to soften a distasteful subject (anyone remember "eliminate with extreme predjudice" or any of the other 70s and 80s CIA coined phrases?).

Well, not only is he articulate with a number of interesting observations, he offers a basic strategy to resolve the problems he points out. Something that is sadly lacking in most of the bush-bashing stuff out there. It's all well and good to demand "bring the troops home now" but highly unrealistic to expect it to happen.


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