Wednesday, March 01, 2006

New music

I don't find as many new musicians whose work I like as I used to since I stopped listening to BXR in the mornings (I listen to NPR mostly). But I found two new women I liked on myspace today.

KT Tunstall at (but you have to use IE to get it to load) or You could have heard some of her stuff, the one that I recall hearing is called "Black Horse and a Cherry Tree". And someone called Kat McGivern (, her address doesn't seem to be working now - or yet) asked to be my friend and she turned out to be a musician. I like one she did called "Burn It Down" but I'm not sure if I like her as much as some other people I enjoy. It certainly doesn't hurt that both are pretty young women, but I do enjoy their music. Perhaps I'll order KT's first CD next week.


Blogger alaphrench said...

Both are very pretty. I'm trying to get their songs to buffer so I can hear them. I can't get KT's to buffer at all - Kat's goes in and out. Her voice reminds me of Alanis.

Blogger Mary said...

Ben Harper- "Both Sides of the Gun"
good stuff.
Did you ever sign up for Rhapsody? You can listen to it there?

Blogger Mary said...

I guess I need an option to edit my comments...The answer to my last question is YES! Yes, you can listen to it there!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kat has a great video and her cd is available at cd.freedom. Something haunting and soulful about it. BEAUTIFUL

Blogger banzai said...

Cool. Thanks.


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