Wednesday, April 19, 2006

About your comfy chair ...

Every weekday I have a bunch of things I check (and read) first thing in the morning. One of them is the blogHer site. Today I saw this one (I often read "Politics and News") Arrests in Duke rape case, the President defends Rumsfeld, and the math and science gender debate continues.

A lot of these are summaries of sorts with links to other blogs. Now a blog isn't a place to get anything other than an *opinion* in most cases, and we all know what those are worth (the phrase "diddly" jumps to mind).

But the one linked to *Chez Diva* just pissed me off. She sits (wherever) safely in her "comfy chair" loudly proclaiming that the retired generals who are proclaiming that Rummy should step down are betraying a trust, that they should have been saying these things while they were in the pentagon or in command. And while she may know what the various "J" offices are (one through eight she says), I see nothing in her "about me" which indicates to me that she served as an officer in the miliary. That she knows what it's like to lead troops, much less lead troops in battle. That she knows anything at all about how it feels, what it's like, to write an OPPLAN which may result in people dying. On both sides.

Until she does serve I think she's more guilty of *armchair generalship* than the people she's debasing. And despite the fact that she may have a point, because she's not been there, done that I feel more like saying "shut the fsck up" than listening to her points. Delivery matters sometimes, as does the source.

Oh and I think those Duke boys should get what's coming to them, rich white boys or not. Rape a girl, get your whang chopped off.

Note: To the Anonymous poster citing all sorts of references about how the striper is wrong and a bad person and is making up her allegations, you have some interesting points, cite factual sources. However your lack of sources denies your claims much credibility as does your anonymous status (if you have something to say step up and say it and let the world know who you are, if you have to hide when you say it then I wonder what you're afraid of). And your wish that when they "poor boys" (I find little sympathy for privilidged rich white boys who get whatever they want and can depend on daddy to clean up their messes) are proven innocent I get my wang cut off dooms your comments to the bit bucket. Bye! Don't let the door hit you in your ass on the way out.


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