Friday, March 31, 2006


I've followed Yvonne over to LiveJournal and I'll prolly be posting more frequently there. It's pretty easy and they have new stuff so it's novel.

I couldn't get the list of links I use here as a Portal of sorts so I'll still use this but for now I'm posting there. The MySpace stuff will prolly fall by the wayside. Their tech side is lame and their uptime is spotty. Overall not very impressive.

Erik thinks I should go with to use as a portal. While I'm not, strictly speaking, a microsoft basher, I've used enough of their stuff to not be terribly impressed by it, at least to not be impressed by the sound of it (showme!). He used the wrong phrase to try to convince me when he said it was "sort of like sharepoint" (which is apparenty very hard to support/run/etc.). I know I haven't been terribly impressed by sharepoint, but then I use Firefox and that browser doesn't support all the whohas and widgets, but then I've also (because I use Firefox) avoided all the headaches and pain of using IE with it. But at least it's better than Cold Fusion (which is every manner of headache to *everyone* associated with it, users, web authors, sysadmins, even browsers). That's become the "Barometer of Badness". If something is as bad as cold fusion it's gonna be terrible.


Blogger Julia said...

As someone who has no technical knowledge of computers or the magic they are capable of, I think you should totally go with Microsoft.

Ryan bought me a "Flying Windows" tattoo for my birthday. We're big fans of that Bill & Melinda Gates. Have you heard of them?! They give away so much money to charity. Where do they find all that cash?? Alls I know is, I like rich people. How can they do anything but good?

Blogger banzai said...

I saw "Goodfellas" last night and they were giving away money too!


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