Wednesday, March 29, 2006

My Chief of Staff

Oh, and this Bolton guy? I'm sure he's just right for the job since he did so well at OMB, increasing the deficit to the highest point it's ever been in US History!

But wouldn't it be kinda cool if you had a Chief of Staff? I've no idea what I would do with one or what she would do, but I'm certain it would be cool!


Blogger alaphrench said...

Perhaps Bill Clinton could give you some ideas on what she could do.

Blogger banzai said...

That seems to me to be "above and beyond" the call of duty. At least for the Chief of Staff position.

Perhaps there should be a "Royal Concubine" position. Or maybe a "Saucy Tart" one. Perhaps a "Quite the Biscuit"?

That might seem at odds since I don't consider myself (nor want to be) a Royal of any sort (they tend, in the long historical perspective, to get overthrown or beheaded entirely too often to suit my tastes). But that shouldn't stop me, should it?

Blogger alaphrench said...

Live and conquer!

All Hail the Mighty Banzai!

Blogger banzai said...

When I was in high school (perhaps maybe middle school) one of my mottos used to be "Elect me Democratic Dictator!".

Blogger alaphrench said...

Too funny.

Speaking of which . . . why do you use the name Banzai . . . what is the meaning behind that?

Blogger banzai said...

Years ago when I was in the army we used to run 5 miles every morning. I wore a sweatband that was white with japanese characters and red meatballs on it. So my first sergeant (an old Irish soldier) used to call me "Banzai". After the first few times he did that I used to yell it when they had the officers run around the formation (while everyone was running forward).

It just stuck.


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