Monday, April 17, 2006

ow ow ow

I say that a lot these days since I've been taking Goju Ryu Sho Bu Kan Sho Rei Shobu Kan School of the Goju Ryu Style Karate (the kind Ralph Macchio pretends learns in "The Karate Kid")(and I've no idea if I got the name right)(I stand corrected, now I just need to remember what each of the words means for the test this week). The workouts are getting a bit easier as I slowly get in better shape but the drills and katas seem to be hard on my joints and back. We have class on Thursday evening at a local church and Saturday evening at a martial arts center (with all the pads and mats and stuff).

I usually soak in the jetted tub in as hot water as I can stand (or as is left after the Boy showers) for awhile Sunday mornings. There are usually still a few achs and pains left in my back afterwards. But I wasn't sure how well they worked until today. Yesterday I got too distracted by game demos and whatnot and then realized it was almost 2 before I was ready to go so I showered instead (had errands to run).

Today I can feel every knot and ach because I didn't soak yesterday. Maybe I'll have a chance to do it tonight but I doubt it. I ran the Boys grades and he had a significant drop so we're going to have to talk about school tonight.


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