Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Let them eat ... gas?

I was reading my blogs today and a lot of ... noise is being created about the gas price problem. Conservatives screaming that it's not the president's fault, crying about the republicans who are abandoning him in droves and the dems who want to cut taxes for consumers and cut tax breaks for oil companies. Liberals who are annoyed at being cast the villians and are decrying the conservatives riding around in their big gas sucking SUVs and bemoaning the fact that they've been advocating renewable energy for years and years.

Does anyone else find it deliciously ironic that Bush drove to the news conference where he announced the investigation into gas station price gouging in a 14 vehicle motorcade? (not to mention the homo-erotic symbolism of his ordering a probe)

There was an interesting piece on NPR yesterday talking about two entrepeneurs who wanted to work in energy and had a new startup with an interesting way to make natural gas from coal.
Turning Dirty Coal into Clean Energy
I wish them luck!

Former Enron Chairman Blames Others for Collapse
It was predictable that Lay appears to be blaming everyone else, Fastow, the media, who knows who else, on Enron's collapse. I wonder if it occurs to him that his buddy Skilling bailed for a reason and that if he was such a good judge of people and a "hands-off" manager that he didn't get what was coming to him (collapse of the company and a prison sentence). (not that I'm a fan of management telling me how to do my job)

Bush Tries to Breathe New Life into Immigration Bill
While it's not the president who's loudly proclaiming that we should ship the 11 MILLION illegals here back to where they came from, I wonder if those who do (in Nebraska!?) have a plan to pay for all that. And here I would like to insert any number of visual images of Nazi's barging into Jewish homes dragging them out to be shipped to camps in 1939.


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