Tuesday, May 09, 2006


An interesting word. And this piece

Portents: The coming end of the CIA

uses it at least once and has some interesting phrases.

"... whose main purpose was to purge senior officers whose loyalty to their tradecraft appeared greater than to the policy priorities of the Bush administration ..." (in reference to the "Gosslings" that Porter Goss brought with him to the CIA).

Which seems to indicate that competancy is valued less than loyality. And this

"... particularly by a president who has proved dogged in retaining loyal servants despite strong evidence of their incompetence ..." (in reference to the "firing" of Porter Goss).

a few paragraphs before reinforces that perception. Hmm, 16 senior officers with a combined total of 300 years of intelligence experience had "fled" Goss's "management" of the Agency. Links reaching as far up as Goss's #3 man to congressional bribery scandals?

However the fact that the neo-cons fear Hayden's appointment bodes well for us. On the other side of that coin is my fear that his main focus won't be security or intelligence gathering but the ongoing "turf war" between Rummy and Negropointe over intelligence assets and missions. However the whole thing could simply be a move on Negropointe's part to dismantle the CIA. I would say "interesting" if it weren't so scary what might happen to us while these bozos are fighting over who's ball it is.


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