Friday, May 19, 2006

Patriots vs Cowboys

No, it's not the first football entry I have in here.

Today (well perhaps yesterday late since Ryan keeps odd hours) Ryan posted something interesting to his blog (which he calls a "blop").

i'm going to need a flare gun and ice. lots of ice...

He has some interesting things to say when comparing President Carter with president Bush.

Let me add that Carter studied Nuclear Physics, served in the Navy (in submarines) and won a Nobel Peace Prize. Compared to studying ... well what did Bush study in college (except cocaine and drinking? oh wait, that was his minor), ducking out of a National Guard job as a (freaking) pilot (to avoid serving in Vietnam apparently) and ... well I guess he hasn't won much of anything yet (including the war he got us in), he did drive an oil company to bankrupcy, does that count?

source: Jimmy Carter
Overall a pretty impressive individual (even if he is somewhat naive).

Oh and dr. ackula, he got filmed over by Doctor Kelso smashing the Janitor's truck. Sorry! :(


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