Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Above the law?

I ask this question (should members of Congress be above - or immune - from the law) not from the position I appear to have made so many other of my political rants. Convinced I know what's right.

I ask from a curiosity point of view. Should members of Congress not be subject to searches? I believe the law enforcement officers should have a warrant, which require convincing a judge that you have enough evidence to believe that there will be something related to the case in question there (not in legalese as Andy might have put it). And I'm fairly certain that if we formalize the position that members of Congress are above, or immune from, the law we're only going to see more and more scandals and bribery cases, but I'm willing to listen to other points of view (if presented calmly, whoever replied that if the rape victim at Duke was lying I should have my wang cut off can still go to hell).

House Leaders Question FBI Search

I will point out that if he had given up the documents subpoenaed then they might not have searched his office. But then they might have proven his guilt. And given that he was accused of lobbying violations himself, I don't think Rep Boehner has much room to speak. The whole "black_pot == black_kettle;" thing.

Congressman Jefferson at the Center of a Political Storm

Lawmakers Question Legality of Rep. Jefferson Office Search

Search of Capitol Hill office creates another storm

Should I point out now that if you don't take bribes then you really don't have to worry about this?


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