Tuesday, May 23, 2006

There they are

I knew the Dems weren't a great deal better than the Republicans. I knew there had to be scandals with their names on them.

Troubled congressman keeps his cool

After all, when the Republicans took congress 10 years ago they used the exact same phrase the Dems are throwing around now, a "culture of corruption". What we seem to presume is that they're honest when they imply that it's the other side and not Washington as a whole to which it applies.

It seems to be the first time ever that a Congressional office was searched. However to be fair, Louisana has a long history of crooked politics, if I recall correctly. Not quite so bad as Chicago but still ...

I heard that new hurrican evacuation plans now must include pets and service animals. Now service animals I can see, they prove essential to well being in most cases and I can see being broken up if your beloved pet is in danger or lost, but be real if the dog dies it's not YOUR life (even if you might feel like it). But if you want to stay behind and die with your pet I think you should have that right. You shouldn't be protected from yourself against your will (or at our cost).

Runaway killer bus
How can this be considered a prank? Dipping hair in ink or hiding frogs in lunch boxes are pranks. Releasing the emergency brake is not a prank, it's a dangerous stunt which might get (oh, guess what, it DID!) someone killed. Now I don't think an 8 year old boy should be tried as a felon, and I don't think the driver was at fault, or the grandmother for falling asleep. It seems a tragic series of events, but still ... she's dead and her 11 year old brother had to watch!

Teen blog watch is on
Those of us in the tech field have known about blogs for awhile and some of us learned early on that blogging about work could have unfortunate consequences. No one I know was fired but management was unhappy about some things a guy I know put in his blog. [whispers]Now I may agree with some of what he said,[/off] but it wasn't necessarily the smartest thing to do (and that guy has learned his lesson and doesn't write about work anymore - we just go to lunch and bitch about it).

But to be held accountable may chance the face of blogging. Anonomity may be a slowly disappearing thing. On one other blog I read, the writer has changed his/her deal so that things (s)he writes don't follow him/her and cause difficulty getting a new job.

I think management (in general) just needs to lighten up and learn not to be assholes.

But on this I don't know what to think. One parent stipulates that it's an invasion of privacy (what kind of privacy do you expect if you freaking post it to the freaking WEB???), that it's her job to monitor her son/daughter's online activity. Bad example for a true statement (privacy isn't the term you should have used but it is your job to monitor that). The school district has said they won't go trolling for violations but they will look when tipped off. Great, while I think whistle blowers are fine (and perhaps necessary), I fear that the whistle blowing is going to be ridiculous.

And lastly I heard something on NPR this morning (or perhaps yesterday morning) that lead me to an interesting thought. I don't recall exactly what it was and I can't find it now (I never seem to be able to), but it concerned pain. I got the impression that Americans would do nearly anything to avoid pain. And I wondered if we as a people were slowing losing our ability to endure pain what that would entail for us. To what lengths will people go to avoid pain? What will that mean?


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