Thursday, June 08, 2006

So who's the one who is


Doomed gay-marriage ban creates hysteria

'Said Exodus International's Alan Chambers, who said he quit homosexuality 14 years ago: "Our children are being raped every day of school by what's being taught. Are you mad? I'm mad. I'm so mad. God have mercy."'

Mister Chambers or the reporter, Dana Milbank of the Washington Post?

Exactly how is what is being taught "raping" your children Mister Chambers? And which part of the cirricula is doing the "raping"?

And is anyone else amused by this "attack" by gay people upon marriage? Are they picketing City Hall so that no one can get marriage licenses? Or are they blockading the churches so the wedding parties can't get in to the chapel?

And I'm unclear which side is claiming that this amendment, banning gay marriage, is advancing civil rights? It appears that Tony Snow said something which could be interpreted as this position and he was then taken to task by CBS News' Bill Plante. Upon further inspection he couldn't articulate exactly how banning something like this gives us more rights.

This would seem to indicate that Mister Snow isn't very good at his "snowjobs", wouldn't it?

And the bills sponsor, Senator Wayne Allard (R-CO), seemed unable to articulate exactly how a ban on gay marriage will encourage hetrosexual deadbeat fathers to stay at home and help their families and thus improve the "epidemic level of fatherlessness in America".

Man, if I lived in Colorado I'd be ashamed of the folks I sent to the senate.


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