Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Answers indeed

No Easy Answers

Not being a Marine, never having been deployed to Iraq and not ever having been in combat, I don't consider myself qualified to have an opinion ... well, perhaps that's not the term I need, I don't consider myself qualified to render judgement on others, particularily when the bullets start flying or when they see comrades, friends and squadmates killed.

The reporter did, at least, try to walk a mile in their boots, being embedded with the 3rd of the 1st. So while he may not understand what it means to be a Marine, to swear to protect and defend, obey the orders of those appointed over them, against all enemies foreign and domestic, he has some idea what they are going through there. How scared you may get (at being killed or perhaps at screwing the pooch and getting a buddy or subordinate killed).

And some of the comments in that piece are interesting, especially the ones by parents who have children deployed, sometimes on the 2nd or 3rd tours. Or the officers who were deployed. Or the retired vets.

I really liked the one by the former commander of K Company, 3rd of the 1st. However I disagree slightly. I don't think civilians who sit calmly in front of their computers sipping lattes have any right whatsoever to judge soldiers or marines. They have a right, guarenteed by the service of said soldiers and marines, to their opinions and the right to voice them. But until they put the welfare of their nation before their personal welfare I don't believe they have the right to judge those who do.


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