Wednesday, May 31, 2006

So who is our

Himmler? Our "Minister of Propaganda"? Scott McClellan? Tony Snow (does his name making anyone else think of the term "Snow Job"? Is that indicative of the Republican Agenda?)? I don't think so, both of them are "too public".

Anyone ever see "Wag the Dog"? Remember how Conrad Brean (played by Robert De Niro) made Stanley Motss (Dustin Hoffman) "disappear" at the end of the movie when he threatened to go public?

The Legality of US Propaganda

Now granted this is just a blog summary, but if the government is planting news stories to try to "direct" our thinking, can we really trust conventional media sources?

One part of it sounds so funny. "It appears that our government may be in direct violation of the law and federal authorities are currently investigating the allegations:" This isn't new news, they seem to have been engaged in illegal activities for some time now. They keep getting caught out and all they can say is "War on Terror, War on Terror".

And I've been thinking about the furor that Congress is up in arms about regarding the searching of Representative Jefferson's office. While I think that so many of them are crooks and could stand a little "Light of Justice", I do listen to what the other side is saying. And it strikes me as definately odd that the Justice Department had to search his office at midnight and it took 18 hours to finish. And they refused to let the House legal authority to be present at the search.

So I guess we can't find anything in this deal that doesn't stink!


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