Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Bad Definitions?

Okay, so maybe we do need someone (Congress??) to define some terms for us. This morning, on the way to work I was listening to this;

Immigration Raid Roils Kentucky Community

The reporter, Jennifer Ludden, uses the phrase "reputable" to describe the home building firm (Fischer Homes) who's sub-contractor hired illegals. Perhaps I've been mistaken for years about the meaning of that term.


Nope, it seems that it meant what I thought. Having a good reputation, honorable. Digging a bit deeper I finally find what I'm looking for, "high esteem". Which leads to respect. And eventually we get to "To avoid violation of" which implies violation of laws.

So what part of violating Federal laws is "reputable"? (perhaps she should have used the term "previously reputable")


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