Friday, June 16, 2006

Tell me why

exactly, Diane Miller from DRM, that it is important that we talk. If you had said something about the topic you might have stood a chance of having me call back, even though it is a toll free number you left. Instead you get religated to the category of telemarketer (which you probably are) and consigned to the bit bucket where all voice mail and answering machine messages go to die. And I won't lie and say I'm sorry about it.

I don't personally hate telemarketers. After all, they're only trying to do their job. However I don't intend to allow them to consume my life with their bull. When I answer the phone at home I listen long enough to hear their name and who they're with and then I tell them I'm not interested as the phone is on the way back to the hook. Sure, it's rude as hell but they called me so I reserve the right to metaphorically slam my door in their face.

The most annoying ones are the ones who claim their from your bank or one of your credit card companies. That flags it for me that I'd better listen since they may have some sort of complaint about my missing a payment or something. Something I should verify. And then they start in on the "special deal" once they have me. After the initial window for rude behavior has closed I feel bad trying to reopen it but as I type this I think I'll change my policy and just say "STOP" to them. Tell them I'm not interested and they shouldn't mis-represent themselves as belonging to a legitimate company I have a relationship with.

Of course I could, instead, inform them that I'm a High Priest of the Great God Zul and begin proselytizing. Looking for converts or at least, human sacrifices. Perhaps tell them that we will annoint them richly if they're still virgins since that's a more powerful sacrifice.

I wonder if the Republican party gives more goodies to virgins who join the party?


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