Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Assorted Nonsense

Well the link to the MilBlogWire didn't seem to work out. It's not surprising. The guy running it calls himself "Uncle Jimbo" and I found myself disagreeing with him on the issue of the retired Generals speaking out against Rumsfeld. Shortly after that he seemed to stop updating things, although I found some of the blogs he linked to really good. Good stuff from the guys on the ground in Iraq and Afghanistan, even if I didn't much care for his writing or politics.

But yesterday I found Midnight in Iraq by a Marine lieutenant. He writes well and even if he now doesn't have a job which takes him outside the wire, he does see some interesting things which give us another perspective on the situation there. I particularily liked his stuff on Arab/Iraqi customs. So I think I'll replace that link with his and follow his blog now.

I went running on the Katy trail on Monday with Yvonne, David and Bethany. The running wasn't too good but the stations we did were good. And it was a good workout. But it seems to be taking me much longer to recover from it than it takes me from the karate sessions. It could be the weather as well, I'm not quite sure. But my hip and my knee have been talking to me a lot lately and they don't have many nice things to say.

Tricia called to talk to me about insurance for the boy. We're going to have to figure something out.

The Firefly game is tonight and I'm making tortellini with sausage. Jack is bringing the stuff for a cesear salad too, so dinner should be really good.

I got my stand mixer yesterday. No chance to test it yet but I sense homemade pizza in the near future.

KitchenAid KSM 150 P Artisan 5 quart

I got a special deal from where I can pick from a food grinder, citrus juicer or slicer/shredder attachment for free (all three worth about $65). Plus shipping was only about $6. Now I'll have to find some more recipes.

There was lots of stuff in the news I heard recently that I was inclined to comment about but I guess I'll put that in later.


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