Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Sweltering, Day 2

The AC is out in our building. And word yesterday afternoon was that there was a problem with the compressor. And the part it needed wouldn't be in until tomorrow morning. So it would be fixed some time tomorrow or Thursday morning.

Fortunately (and I can say that as I sit here sweating) the weather in town has only been in the low to mid 70s so far this week. With impending rain looming on the horizon (or is that too many transitive verbs? - well that sounded funny in my head but I can't remember what a transitive verb is and have no idea if the two "ings" I used are them). But then impending and looming mean kind of the same thing, so while it may not be wrong it does sound (now) kind of klunky. But then I'll come back later and tighten it up so it does sound half way decent. Such is the power of the "EDIT" button.

Work is a bit slow right now, nothing on the front burner with it's pot handle sticking out so as to whack my thigh as I step around the stove.


That damn fly is back [reaches for a magazine, which are scarce now since I had to clean up my cube for a VIP walkthrough last week] ...

Well his "taunt" skill must be higher than my "concentration" skill since he seems to be gone now. Ah, well, his time will come .... [bwahahahahahahaha].

But since the air is out the doors are all open with fans sitting in them. And even then most everybody has found some reason to be somewhere else. Our boss even reserved one of the conference rooms in our other building so we could work there. But I'm a die-hard, refusing to give in to Mother Nature. I did, however, asceed enough to wear shorts and sandals though. It occurred to me that this was often how Joe would dress. And even now this is how Erik dresses most of the time (that's how you know it's cold in Missouri, if Erik has long pants on or has worn something other than sandals).

Lunch is spaghetti and meatballs today, just like yesterday. And last Thursday. (Fridays are fast food since I'm in the Op Center all day) I had some left over angel hair pasta last week (or perhaps week before last) from the Game Night Dinner so I finally made some sauce and put meatballs in it. Then I loaded up four freezer containers. The first lunch I ate I discovered that I had put too much in each one, I ate too much and felt bloated. As I recall I didn't eat dinner that night. But the last two (including this one) aren't so bad. And this the week after I had four containers of curried meatballs and rice (of which there is still one waiting for tomorrow or Thursday for a change-of-pace). Cheaper (and quicker) than going out for lunch every day. And easier since the building is usually locked down and getting delivery in is a hassle.

Last Friday the Alton rerun was his breakfast bread episode. The cinnamon rolls sounded good and The Boy wanted some so Sunday I tried to make them. However the dough didn't rise very much so I presumed I'd done something wrong. I went ahead and finished making them last night and started another batch. After three hours that dough still hadn't "doubled in volume" so I left it out all night, figuring I'd have to toss it in the morning. But this morning it had risen quite a bit so I did the rest of the prep (much easier this time since now I had a rolling pin to roll them out with). The batch from Sunday still "looks" okay but they're covered in icing and swimming in melted brown sugar and cinnamon so looks could be deceiving. Sharon seems to think my yeast might be expired, I'll have to check.

Marlin and Yvonne went to the karate conference in Lincoln this last weekend. Bethany was in charge and she was still stuck in her "green-belt-itis" (a condition where you get kind of tired of doing karate after you get that far and need a break before you can get ...

marvelous, I love getting those kind of calls at work. (Tricia, if you read this AES called me again)

but you need a break before you can get energized again) but she did well I think. The workout was different but still raised a sweat and the stuff we worked on was interesting. But now that they're back and they learned all sorts of new things, I'm sure we'll suffer appropriately. Marlin tested (and passed) for his next level of black belt (ni-dan) and Yvonne got two trophies, one for the kata tournament and one for spirit.

It seems to me that I'm probably going to go back into one of my "quiet periods". I responded to a customer email yesterday and was proven wrong in what I said twice (or was it three times) so I don't think I'll talk to customers much for awhile. Plus (and I'm fairly certain she was joking) I was told I talk too much on WoW. So mums the word nowadays I think.

The Torg game has been "on" for two weeks now since Jack is in Korea for five weeks. I won't go on about what happened since it's all on that site and ... well never mind.

In fact I think this is finished now. Later.


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