Wednesday, July 05, 2006

So I'm NOT going to die?

I saw the doctor today (and I really like Doctor Kinderknect). My blood pressure was a bit high so I'm having some blood taken tomorrow after I drop the Boy off at his appointment. Then we'll see what my blood pressure is and my cholesterol. I might have to start taking the Lipitor again.

But he seemed to think the pain in my left leg is a pinched nerve in my back. So he gave me some Prednisone for the inflammation and I start some physical therapy on Monday. He'll see me again in just over two weeks (the Friday before the Retreat) to see how things are going.

On the plus side he didn't tell me to give up karate altogether but I will have to tone things down until after we get this fixed. I can still work out but much beyond that is iffy I think.

When they weighed me I was only at 265 and I was expecting around 290 or so. So that's a plus (not that I don't need to trim some more off but it was a nice surprise).

In a totally different direction, today is the anniversary of SPAM. It's 69 today. Apparently a version of it made from turkey (instead of pork shoulder and ham) is quite popular in Muslim countries since it's halaal (sometimes spelled "halal"). It's original name was "Hormel Spiced Ham" which I guess got shortened. But it didn't fair well in the market so they held a naming contest and SPAM won. It's supposed to be an acronym for "Spiced Pork And haM". There seems to be plenty of other speculation about the origin of that name including;

  • SPoiled hAM
  • Synthetically Produced Artificial Meat
  • Some Parts Are Meat
  • meat left over from the SPanish AMerican war
  • Scientifically Produced Animal Matter

There was apparently a musical produced.
An archive of haiku involving SPAM.
And they apparently have a SPAMobile.

Ken Lay died today. I won't say mean things since he was apparently a family man and that would only hurt them.

I think I've found a new name to add to my list of character names, "Nimrod Ping". He died on the 3rd and was apparently a city councillor for Brighton. Condolences to his family. He was only 46.

In 1687, Sir Isaac Newton published his laws of motion.

And on the 4th (1863), Charles Dodgson first told the story which would become "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland". As they say, wicked pissah!


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