Thursday, July 06, 2006

Usual Business?

Or perhaps it sounds better as "Business as usual".

Judge Rules DeLay Stays on Ballot

When I first read the headline I thought it was stupid on the part of the judge. However now it seems to make much more sense. DeLay ran in the primary, handily beating his rivals, likely on the strength of his name alone ("plus favors done and bribes paid" the cynical part of me says) since he was under indictment at the time. Then he decides "Naw, I was just joshin' with y'all" and resigns from Congress. Then he "moves out of state" (despite still owning a house in Texas) and the GOP tries to put another Republican name onto the ballot instead of DeLay.

What state is he moving to and how long before he enters politics there?
Why don't the people of that district get to vote on the Republican they want on the ballot?
How long before all these shady deals and back-room politics get exposed to the Light of Day?
Will Texas remain a bastion of "Good Ole Boys" forever?


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