Friday, July 21, 2006

Another question

"Was your head with you all day today?"
[Bill Cosby]

I'm sitting here in the Operations Center (which someone had dubbed "the octagon" but that sounds silly to me) listening to half of a conversation Zach is having with a customer. I wanted to ask him but that might be considered rude.

Last weekend I finally saw Sling Blade. What an odd film. But a very good one. I kept seeing quotes from it on Wil Wheaton's blog and so I put it on my Netflix list. Do anyone else think it might be indicative of something that Billy Bob Thorton played a (creepy) crazy man so convincingly? You reckon? Ah-hm.

I finally broke down and bought (again) Neverwinter Nights Diamond Pack for the second time. I ordered the first one online but when it got here the CD keys were missing. So I had to send it back to get replaced. Not wanting to wait for it to get there I went to Best Buy to see if they had it. Nope. Then Circuit City. Nope. Then EB Games. Yup, and I had them open the box and make sure the CD keys were there.

So I get home and start installing it and get everything going and even download the three new premium modules I bought two weeks ago. Then, not wanting to start over at first level I started poking around my hard drive looking for saved games or characters. I find a folder called "old-stuff" and lo and behold it's got my installed copy of NwN. Including the file where the CD keys were listed. So I didn't need any of that. D'oh. Now I have (or will when I get the bad copy replaced) three sets of CD keys. D'oh!

I watched one of the new shows on Sci-Fi on Tuesday, Eureka. It looks like it's gonna be pretty good. The only downside was that during the two hour premier it seemed like they played twice the normal number of commercials. One more stick in the pile to convince me to dump Mediacom and get satellite, a DVR and some other broadband connection. If the price would come down just a bit to make it more of an economic advantage then I could overcome the inertia I often have for these kinds of things.


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