Wednesday, July 19, 2006

America, I have just one question for you


First, if you don't pay attention to what's going on around you, how do you not get run over by a bus (a self correcting problem really)? Or as Chandler asked Joey all those years ago

How do you not fall down more?

And, if you ask a question of me, I think it's implicit in the asking itself, that you would like to have an answer to YOUR FREAKING QUESTION that you're interested in the answer, that it's something you desire to know. If only because it's required for your job and it will enable us, your customer, to get the fsck out of your face so you can go back to goofing off.

There. Well, it doesn't seem to be nearly as satisfying as I thought (or perhaps hoped) it was going to be. And I suspect that even if America gave me an answer it wouldn't be satisfying. Ah well.

Our seven day test of Dungeons & Dragons Online is over. Marlin and Yvonne decided they couldn't afford to play WoW anymore and they left. One of the option she and I discussed was playing Neverwinter Nights. I finished the first game two or three times and bought the two expansions. I played the first all the way through one and a half times but never quite finished the second. Now they have three professionally produced downloadable modules and I bought all three (they were only about $8 each). However in order to get them downloaded you have to provide their site with your CD keys for all three games. Upon investigation I discovered that I had registered the main game and the first expansion. I even found the CD key for the later. It showed up on my account on Bioware's site even. However I apparently registered the game on their site before they had the display option for the CD keys.

Rather than try to tear the house apart looking for my manuals for those games, I decided, since the "diamond edition" was only $20, to buy them all again. After all I really liked them and I try to support game designers whose games I enjoy. So I found it online and ordered it from J&R Music and Computer ( It got here today (about three days not counting the weekend). So I tried to install it on the laptop and it got to the point where it asked for the CD keys and I looked where that screen said they should be, on the inside cover of the manual. It was blank. I looked at the DVD to see if there was a file there, poked around in everything there, I went to Bioware's site and searched their forums, I went to Atari's site (the publisher) and looked there. Nada. The only thing I could find was something saying I should return it to the place I got it from if parts were missing. So I called J&R and got a return authorization.

But none of this gets me any closer to playing the freaking game. I haven't even been able to download the modules I bought last week. ARRRGGGHHHHH!!!!!!

And I need to finish writing the adventure for my setting for the retreat.

My leg doesn't hurt since I've been in physical therapy but this morning my knee felt like I was twisting it sideways every time I stood up. Maybe I should just go back to bed for awhile ...


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