Friday, August 04, 2006

I have you now!

I just found out the other night that my neice Hannah has become a science fiction fan.

I've corrupted another one!

Well not really. But that particular voice in my head goes to extremes.

I've gotten Neverwinter Nights up and working and have been having fun with the Infinite Dungeon module. I'm playing around with some of the DMG presige classes again.

It seems that someone tied the minimum wage bill together with the repeal of the estate tax and tried to sneak it past the senate after the house passed a version of it last week. It didn't work (the bill failed) but the Dems had to vote against it, which the GOP (Grody Obstinate Poopheads) will portray as voting against raising the minimum wage. However I did find a place where I could go to see how our senators voted.

I bookmarked it and will be watching Misters Bond and Talent.

Physical therapy is going well. My mobility is mosty back and my toes only get tingly occasionally, usually when I'm doing my morning stretchs.

The retreat was great fun and I loved it but it's going to be a whole year before the next one. [sigh] Fortunely I've got a great game group so it will be fun in the meantime.

All for now, it looks like Hannah sent me another message.


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