Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Amazing Audacity

While he hasn't gone so far as to claim credit or anything, the claim is implied.

Bush on high-profile visit to counterterrorism hub

And I suspect that the neo-cons will continue to harp on this until after November. I hope people don't buy their crap but I fear they will, just like always.

It's not like liquid explosives haven't been around for oh, say ten or fifteen years. My fellow platoon leader in Germany in 1986 ran an experimental project on them. Heck, there's a professor here at MU who has been studying them for years trying to design building structures to withstand them.

It was the British who caught these guys and they had the intel on them. I haven't see anything anywhere which says or implies we had anything to do with this and yet it's the topic of assorted speeches and whatnot.

And all the comments and blogs complaining about how long people have to wait and how they can't stay hydrated. Boom! You blow up you won't really have to worry about your hydration, now will you? I'll pour a bottle of Evian on your grave. I promise!

Pennsylvania Town Takes Stand Against Immigrants

I can't say that I would really want to live there but if there are no penalties for employing people in the country illegally then we can't really expect them to stop coming over from wherever. And expecting the Federal government to actually do anything to solve a problem is like wishing on stars. Warm and fuzzy when you think about it but no one expects any results.

Exiting Iraq: Maj. Gen. John Batiste's View

One in a number of interviews with people who might have an informed opinion about what we should do regarding pulling out of Iraq. I still maintain that it was a mistake to go in the first place but since we broke it we have to try to fix it. As painful as that might end up being.

In all I feel ... odd again today.


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