Friday, September 01, 2006


I was poking around the internet as I'm wont to do on Fridays and I found the link to build your google home page. The default had some interesting things on it and I ended up adding some other stuff, including a section entitled "How Stuff Works". That lead me to

What exactly is fascism?

Which was an interesting read. Apparently there is no one clear definition of "fascist". Rather she presented a list of common criteria and I find it interesting that the Bush Administration seems to be clearly identifiable with several of these points. The importance of the government over individual people (as evidenced by the slow - and sometimes not so slow - errotion of our civil liberties). They (carefully) don't say much about class divisions but much of what they do seems inclined to maintain the clear distinction between the rich and the poor. And Bush was certainly charismatic for the last six years.



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