Friday, September 01, 2006


but then I'm not really surprised by that.

Will a New Stem-Cell Technique Satisfy All?

Religious, scientists debate stem cells

Stem cell research: where it is at

The neo-cons opposed stem cell research. I can understand that even if I don't agree with their reasons, that harvesting the stem cells from embryos (destroying the embryo) destroys life.

So the scientists find a way to get stem cells without destroying the embryos. It seems like the ideal solution for the problem. It's not stopping research but it is cutting down the federal funding for the research, which seems to have so many possible benefits for so many sick people. They pull one cell from the embryo and then have a new method which can produce more stem cells from that one. The embryo isn't harmed any more than it would be if it were tested for genetic defects and diseases, testing which is a relatively common occurence.

So it would seem to me to be the solution to their objections.

However now they are claiming that this one cell is life and taking it from the embryo destroys life.

It seems to me that their objections are emotional and irrational, they're trying to have it both ways, trying to appear to be logical and rational when they are, in fact, objecting because they fear science. And I've had enough of fear mongering thanks to mister Bush and his antics.


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