Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Spurious "Logic"

War on Terror

Misters Frist and Mcconnell are mistaken. It's pretty much (from my laymen's understanding of logic) impossible to prove why something didn't happen. So claiming

"The bottom line is that there have been no terrorist attacks in the united states since 9-11." (Frist)


"It's been because we've been on offense going after these people in Afghanistan, and in Iraq." (Mcconnell)

Are just more examples of Republican/Neo-con fear-mongering.

It would be nearly impossible to produce anything like proof of these claims. Oh, say, testimony by an Al-Queda leader who has been involved in their strategic planning. So why not claim anything you want, say "Free chocolate cake for everyone in America!"

That's an idea I can get behind Mister Frist!


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