Friday, October 20, 2006

Not sharing

Man I don't know what the president is smoking but he's not sharing it with the rest of us.

New US policy to interdict use of space

Now he seems to think he owns space and no one else can use it.

I found this after the How Stuff Works site I go to asked if the US should defend space by itself. That reminded me of an article that came up in news sources on Wednesday about some crazy crap the president did. I couldn't find it in my google search "defend outer space" but when I went back to the stuff site and found the cause, our new National Space Policy, that lead me to a new search,

National Space Policy

The first one on that list was the Taipei article. Looking it over, however, I see no other major US news sources have high ranked articles on the issue. So we're ignoring the fact that the president believes he has the right to weaponize space and attack other people's space based assets and efforts.

Such hubris is surely doomed. Surely.


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