Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Why not?

Bush declassifying intelligence

Anyone else find it funny that while he was telling us he's going to declassify the National Intelligence Estimate he was complaining that some of it had been leaked to the press? That "it wasn't fair" because it was distorted and not the whole picture. That it was timed to influence the elections in November.

Well d'uh!

I mean how many times will you have to beat the Dems in order for them to learn to play the game using your (fear-mongering) rules?

So now that you have to suffer the results of them learning to be ruthless, unprincipled and how to respond with a total lack of ethics, morality and conscious you're going to call foul?


"Somebody's taken it upon themselves to leak classified information for political purposes."


Who's afraid of "torture light"?
U.S. Iraq Policy: Going Down on One NIE?

This one (the NPR piece) points out that despite the "compromise" on the detainees issue, the administration still managed to keep the language which will allow it to torture people. Senator McCain and his compadres woosed out it seems. But of course, it doesn't seem that way since he opposed the president. And we all know how important appearances are (especially to someone being tortured in Poland or Saudi Arabia).

Senate Judiciary Panel Looks at Detainee Deal

The rights of the detainees to challenge their imprisonment in court. Mr Barensen (a white house lawyer from bush's first term) appearently believes that we should suspend our laws. *cough*buttmunch*cough* I think he's (Barensen) a threat to national security, Mister Attorney General. Ahem!

I had to park across the street the last few days. As I was walking across the (busy) street to the building the light changed and some bozo took off with his camero, revving the engine.

rrrmmmm, rrrmmmm

Do these guys realize how lame that sounds when compaired to other engines?
Say the 275 horsepower diesel engine in the M113A3?
The 1,500 horsepower gas turbine engine in the M1 tank?
The two 1,290 horsepower (2,580) gas turbine engines in the UH-1H Huey?

All engines that I've (personally) heard and been impressed by (I love the sound of a gas turbine spooling up!). And that doesn't even including engines in jet fighters or anything with a really big engine (say the four 260,000 horsepower turbines powered by a nuclear reactor which push a Nimitz class aircraft carrier - now that'd be a heck of an engine to tinker with!).

Probably not.

We closed out the "season" for the Firefly game last night. My character didn't get much "screen time" but that was because of what he does. And Jack let me play one of the NPCs who was with the rest of the gang so I got some dice rolling and even a spectacular death scene (which Brand nearly ruined by saving John - but it made a heck of a cliff-hanger for the next season).

Up next John is going to run Conspiracy X for us. Should be fun but then I've never been a huge X-Files fan so I didn't really know what I was going to pick for my character schtick. Jack convinced me I should be some sort of an ordinary guy cop looking to find out why people do dumb stuff like that (think Garibaldi from Babylon 5). That should work and it's even new for me. W00t!

Okay that's enough for now I guess.


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