Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Now this one

isn't odd. It just pisses me off.

Breast Cancer is Sexy, or Pink Ribbons, Advertising, Class, and Race

But it doesn't surprise me in the slightest. We need to keep clearly in mind what Corporate America is after, our money, and they could give a sh!t about anything else.

"... a much easier fear to exploit ..."

An open letter to Yoplait yogurt

And what about, as Suzanne points out, the other leading causes of death among women? Did anyone else know that men can get breast cancer too? And that they're almost more likely to die from it than rich white women (but much less likely than poor black women).

Let's just have a total day then,

Some dare call it femicide

The idea that the tragedy in the schoolhouse in Pennsylvania was a tragedy not because they were girls being killed but because they were Amish.

And that these anti-abortion freaks are part of the "family oriented" "good christian" "people" who value life.

In a sad sick way it reminds me of something I made up when I was in high school to be outrageously facetious, I said

"I'm going to make this world a better place if I have to kill every man, woman and child to do it!"

It's not so funny when you think that someone out there may actually think this way.
Totally not funny.

Not *quite* so depressing,

Go register to vote, you sexy thing, you

But I wouldn't just say this to women, but to everyone. I may not agree with your politics but you have an obligation to provide your input to the system. And if you sit at home saying "but my vote won't matter" then I say that you have no right to bitch about things for the next stretch. Dipshit.

So go register!


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