Friday, October 20, 2006

Much more

eloquent that I could ever hope to be.

'Beginning of the End of America'

And kind of scary when you think too much about it.

One of the criteria I was using to judge the effect of these various measures the administration was putting in place to deal with "terrorist" was to consider what I might be able to do if they picked me up mistakenly on these kind of charges.

Could "they" use this law against me?
Or any other American Citizen?
Or even a citizen of some other country?
Could it happen to the people who voted for this law?
Or wrote this law?
Could I do anything about it if it happened?

And with the suspension of Habeas Corpus, the right to torture information from me and the elimination of my right to see all the evidence against me there is simply nothing I could do about it but hope I survive.

Except that I could be held indefinitely.
Without being charged.
Without being given access to an attorney.
Without the right to sue the people who did this to me.

And they scoff at me when I called it the "Torture Bill" ...


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