Friday, December 15, 2006


Bravo two-six this is tango three-niner, grid four-one-seven-five-six-one, troops in open, IDPCM, over.

The media are like cats, in the following ways;

  • they tell you something you already know
  • if they aren't telling you something you already know, they're telling you the same thing sixty-two freakin' million times
  • they think the universe revolves around them
  • they believe you should worship them

They do differ in one respect. They're mostly useless while cats can purr and you can pet them. And they often make me feel better about the universe in general. (while the media points out endlessly to me how miserable the universe is)

Apparently North Dakota isn't the only place that fringe freak religious cults live.

Child Sex-Abuse Cases Rock Ozarks Religious Group

I listened to part of this on the way to karate yesterday after work. It was pretty disturbing and I have no idea what kind of mindset leads men to behave this way or their wives to support them doing it. I'd imagine that Baptists everywhere are ashamed they take that denomination in their name.

And what kind of an attorney will defend these men? (on the one hand it would be the expected answer to that question but could it be a lawyer who *believed* that they really were innocent? I suppose it could be one that believed that everyone deserved the best defense no matter how heinous their crime ...)

They don't fear him? That's because you've programmed them, sir. You started when they were children and trusted adults absolutely and you isolated them from anyone who might challenge this. And they have no outside source to tell them how wrong things were. I, for one, know that there is a Very Special Circle of Hell reserved for you and it's quite likely you could be elected King there.

The media, who lambasted him endlessly only weeks ago, is now proclaiming what a visionary Rumsfeld was.

Iraq War Seen as Rumsfeld's Pentagon Legacy

They certainly make him sound brilliant in this piece. I'm willing to admit that he could very well be a very intelligent man. And that his plans for transforming the military from the colossus built to stave off the cold war to a new military could have been great. However he seemed to me to be incredibly abusive of the people who worked for him, especially if they disagreed with him, and he seemed to be one who denied reality (in the same mold of the other important folks in this administration) no matter what.

Why would he prevent anyone from planning for after the invasion of Iraq? What sense is there in that? What was he thinking would happen???

One thing became incredibly clear, he simply wasn't the man for the job and I'm certainly glad he quit. We'll see how the next guy does.

Congratulations to Prince William, who graduated from Sandhurst today.

Prince William graduates from Sandhurst

He'll be serving in the "Household Cavalry's Blues and Royals". Sometimes I think the British Army got the best names for their units. That certainly sounds more dramatic than the "3rd Armored Division". (although the "101st Airborne Division" stirs a certain something, but that's from their history)

Well that's all I can remember. At least I remember the cat thing that popped into my head.


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