Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Well that went well

The election turned out about as well as I could expect. Talent was narrowly defeated but Hulshof was reelected. On the state level, Amendment 2 on stem cell research narrowly passed, as did the minimum wage hike but the cigarette tax was defeated.

I kind of think these days that each party should control only one house of congress. That may encourage compromise which will allow us to advance in social areas rather than pass bogus legislation whose only purpose is to make it appear that lawmakers are doing work.

Another item which was in the news a lot this morning was a partial birth abortion measure up before the supreme court. As I consider this topic more and more I develop new opinions (or rather opinions where I didn't have one before) on some things. It seems to me that pro-lifers are putting the rights of the unborn ahead of the rights of the living. While I can agree with the idea of protecting the weak and those not able to speak effectively for themselves, this strikes me a bit as some sort of "we're not going to cure disease because bacteria and viruses are alive too!" thinking. And this also strikes me as grossly ignoring the rights of women, which just pisses me off.

But I think I have more thinking to do on the topic.


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