Wednesday, December 13, 2006


"Juliet four bravo six-two this is romeo eight tango three-niner, fire mission, over."

There, that pedal on the floor? The one on the right ... Put your foot on it and press down. Slowly. Not that slowly. That will make the car go.

I've gotten some responses from the gang on my "what baked goods that I can make do you want for Christmas?". I made Jack's last weekend along with two extra loaves of cheese bread. Last night I started the batter for snickers ice cream for Marlin & Yvonne. I told her I would try to make her English Muffins red and green so I need to get some food coloring. We'll see how well it works. Brand and Bobbi gave me their votes, but I still need to hear from the rest. I don't want to have to go into a baking frenzy when something else is supposed to be going on. I have enough stress from my seemingly (perpetually) missing "Christmas Spirit". Oh and the boy isn't going to get anything if he doesn't give me a Christmas List. D'oh!

Why does the NPR station I listen to (KBIA) chop off some of the national news to give me local news that I've heard twice already this hour and aren't really concerned with in the first place? Elson Floyd is leaving as the UM system president. So what? It's not like I see him every day and he gives me my daily taskings or anything.

Tom Delay has a website now ( Oh great. Word I read (I refuse to patronize it) is that it's for the people who think Rush Limbaugh is too warm and fuzzy. More right wing freaks who want to tell me what color toilet paper I have to use. Great.

Oh and another site now claims that babies become gay from soy milk formula. Where did I put the link to that? Ah, it came from blogher, Delay does blogging right?, (Soy is making kids 'gay'). Okay, so who is this guy? I find no scientific credentials but he does run several "ministries".

Last week we had a snow storm that dumped 18 inches of snow on the place. Today the high is supposed to be 58 degrees. That doesn't bode well ...

Terry Pratchett Rocks. Just so you know.

Never, ever, ever start reading a series before it's entirely finished. So therefore, had I followed that rule, I wouldn't have started reading the Malazan Book of the Fallen series until Steven Erikson was dead, given that it's supposed to be 10 books when it's done. (Five is in the works now)

We had our testing in karate last Sunday. Two hours at the beginning, five hundred burpies (a squat thrust with a pushup in the middle), 450 body twists and 1,000 situps (or crunches). Then the questions, which weren't too bad since I had been plugging the info into my brain for a week. Except I failed to recall that Doctor Kano was the founder of Judo. Then the kata. Only one for me this time but I wasn't as relaxed as I had hoped. And the kiso and bunkai. So now I'm a green belt with one brown stripe. I have to pick up some dye at the store tonight so I can make sure I'm ready for our promotion ceremony.

There was more, particularily snarky or funny comments but they've fled now. I need to start carrying around a pad like Brand so I can write them down. Ah well.


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