Thursday, December 21, 2006


"Bravo two-six this is tango three-niner, shot, out."
"Bravo two-six this is tango three-niner, splash out."

This proves that gamers can be fscking morons too!

Nintendo Responds to Lawsuit

It seems idiotic that people who accidentially throw their wii remote into their TV think that it's Nintendo's fault. Some lawyers somewhere see the potential to earn a fat commission on this as well, but then we know there's lots of lawyers like that.

The comments also seem to indicate that people think they're idiots for filing this but their spelling and grammar suck just as much as any place else.

"When you have a game which simulates the throwing of an object (i.e. Wii bowling), you have to expect that some people would let go of what they're holding in their hands. It's not stupidity, just human reflect."

What, exactly, is "human reflect"? The Wii looks like a person?

"The people who let go of the controller are not having human reflex especially since you don't actually throw a bowling ball at the pins. You genitally place the ball on the lane. ..."

There's the problem! They're genitally placing the things.

So I really don't think I want to play a game which involves my genitals and their game remote. I guess I won't be buying a Wii any time soon. (apparently I wasn't the only one to catch this slip) Okay, most of the comments are moronic as well. That's why I don't read comments genitally ... er, generally.


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