Tuesday, December 26, 2006


"Bravo two-six this is tango three-niner, shot, out."
"Bravo two-six this is tango three-niner, splash out."

Read some interesting things today.

Affirming our Way to Victory in Iraq

This seems to indicate (or predict?) that the administration may be intent upon ignoring the report of the Iraq Study Group (84 pages?) and instead use a power point presentation (56 bullet pointed slides) by someone named Frank Kagan. It compares what they may do with what President Johnson did in Vietnam in 1964.

Slide five seems to be indicative of most of the content of this "plan";

Victory Is Possible

  • 1.1 million ground forces/400,000 in Iraq
  • America contained ethno-religious conflict in Bosnia/Kosovo--we can do so in Iraq
  • American resources are great: 300 million people, $12 trillion in GDP compared to 25 million Iraqis, $100 billion GDP in a country the size of California
  • Success requires effort and will, but we need not choose to lose

It seems to hold with the American solution to the Vietnamese problems. Throw money at it to make it go away.

Great! More of the same.

And, a different view of the Christmas story.

Is Christmas about Reproductive Rights?

The thing I like about this (besides the new view of using Mary, mother of Jesus as a role model) is the phrase "Forced Childbirth Movement" for the pro lifers. Given the amount of pain involved in childbirth I wonder if this could be considered torture, forcing a woman to endure that.


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